Goodbye Impressions, Hello iTero Scanner

FOR A LONG TIME, gooey dental impressions have been many patients’ least favorite part of getting dental work done. Luckily, impressions are a thing of the past, because modern technology has given us a better way to get a 3-D map of patients’ dentition! That better way is the iTero Element Scanner.

What The iTero Element Scanner Does

iTero Element is designed to put the latest technology at Dr. Davidowitz’ fingertips and makes having intraoral scanning molds of your teeth …dare we say…fun! We use the iTero Element for all aspects of dentistry from Invisalign, Clear Aligners, Retainers, Nightguards, Sportsguards, Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Implant Restorations… and the list goes on!

Why We Chose iTero

As you all know, Dr. Steven Davidowitz loves modern technology that makes dentistry more precise, more pain free and more comfortable for patients. He has gone through a few variations of oral scanner devices as Luxury Dentistry NYC were pioneers in the field of digital scanning when it was first introduced. We have since upgraded to the newest, fastest, most comfortable and most precise digital scanner available today. The itero Element.

Come See Us

If you’ve been avoiding important dental work because you can’t stand the thought of gooey trays and dental impressions, then come on in! Thanks to the easy comfort of the iTero scanner, your teeth can finally get the attention they deserve!
We can’t wait to see you soon!