Dr. D Attended the CoverGirl x WOW Event

In a day and age where the gender gap is already a major conversation topic, it’s important to be a conscious business owner that supports the right causes. The Women of Wall Street organization is a great example. This group of influential female leaders seeks to create a safe space where women in respectable positions can feel appreciated and share their individual stories.

Recently, Women of Wall Street and CoverGirl collaborated on one of the most anticipated events for female members of the corporate world. Dr. Davidowitz has been championing women and equality for years and he attended the “Fearless Event” to show support for the work Women of Wall Street have been carrying out.

Here’s what you need to know about Dr. D’s participation in the Fearless Event.

What is Women of Wall Street?

In simple terms, Women of Wall Street is a global society that focuses on uniting women with different backgrounds and professional levels. From writers to CEOs, investors, and attorneys, this group has created a tightly-knit family that shares, embraces, and celebrates each other’s achievements as their own.

Although a strong bond and a supportive attitude are essential, Women of Wall Street has aimed to maintain a relaxed atmosphere where participants feel like they are on a girl’s night out.

CoverGirl x Women of Wall Street: Fearless Event

The Fearless Event, sponsored by CoverGirl and Luxury Dentistry NYC, was created to encourage the development of professional relationships between women. As a growing brand, Women of Wall Street have started providing their followers with benefits and resources designed for successful women.

Furthermore, the organizers also announced new partnerships in 2020 and other exciting updates that will result in a better experience for members who decide to join the subscription platform.

About Dr. Davidowitz

Dr. Davidowitz is the head practitioner at Luxury Dentistry NYC. Over the last few years, Dr. D has earned a reputation as one of the leading cosmetic dental experts in New York. Furthermore, he is aware of the social responsibility that comes with running a successful practice, so he aims to support organizations like Women of Wall Street and other entities that are working on making the world a better place.

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Luxury Dentistry NYC is among the premier cosmetic dentistry providers in New York. Dr. Davidowitz practices general and cosmetic dentistry with a true love for smile makeovers through Invisalign clear aligner treatment and porcelain veneer treatment. Along with the help of his experienced team, Dr. D aims to create the best experience while helping patients achieve their optimal aesthetic goals.

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