Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is essential, but many patients postpone dentist appointments or avoid them altogether because of dental phobias. The majority of these patients report anxiety towards dental instruments that make a loud, drill-like sound. Fortunately, Luxury Dentistry is proud to offer Solea® dental laser treatment, which is a fast, effective, and more appealing solution for cavities and other issues.

At Luxury Dentistry, Dr. Davidowitz specializes in treating patients that require dental care but are looking for faster and more effective treatments. This is one of the reasons why he offers Solea® dental laser treatments in NYC. If you are interested in learning more about working with Dr. D, contact Luxury Dentistry and book a consultation today.

What Is Solea® Dental Laser?

Solea® is an FDA-approved, isotopic CO2 dental laser that can be used for a wide variety of procedures, including cavity treatment. In simple terms, this device was created to improve the patient experience, increase efficiency, and allow dental care providers to treat pain while keeping discomfort to a minimum.

Benefits Of Solea®

There are many oral conditions that require the removal of teeth, bone, and gum tissues. Solea® dental laser was designed to replace dental drills and other handheld devices in order to produce a more pleasant experience for patients. Some of the benefits of this device include:

  • It is fast and precise
  • It is able to vaporize gum, bone, and other types of oral tissue
  • Can be used for different treatments, including cavity fillings
  • Does not require sedation
  • Little to no anxiety for patients!

How Does Solea® Work?

Solea® dental laser is powered by CO2 and it is able to vaporize any type of oral tissue without physical contact. Unlike conventional approaches, Solea® allows Dr. Davidowitz to treat patients that need cavity fillings and dental surgery without any needles, drills, or prolonged discomfort.

Furthermore, the Solea® dental laser can also be used to suture any incisions, so you will not have to take care of stitches in your mouth or come back to get them removed. To learn more about Solea® and the different conditions it can be used for, contact Dr. Davidowitz and book a consultation today.

Procedures That Are Compatible With Solea®

One of the biggest advantages of Solea® is that it can be used in a wide variety of treatments. This means that patients will now have more options whenever they need to get a new filling or require any form of oral surgery, whether it is minor or major.

Recovery Expectations

Because the Solea® dental laser system never comes into contact with the tissue in your mouth, the recovery period for procedures performed with this laser is much shorter than other techniques. Each patient is different, so Dr. Davidowitz examines each case individually and creates a customized plan to keep downtime to a minimum.

Risks Of Solea® Dental Laser

Solea® has FDA approval and it is regarded as a safe procedure. While some patients may experience mild discomfort during and after the procedure, the chances of experiencing other side-effects like itchiness, scarring, and infection are minimal.

Why Choose Dr. Davidowitz For Your Dental Care Needs In NYC?

Dr. Davidowitz focuses on helping his clients achieve their dental health and aesthetic goals, so he takes the time to listen to their concerns and thoroughly evaluates every patient in order to find the best solution. This is the reason why he provides treatments with Solea® dental laser for his patients in NYC.

To learn more about working with Dr. Davidowitz, contact Luxury Dentistry in NYC and book a consultation today.


Does Solea® Dental Laser cause any pain or discomfort?

The Solea® laser is a revolutionary technology that allows for the painless vaporization of dental tissues using CO2. Patients may experience discomfort, but this procedure eliminates any major sources of pain.

Do you need anesthesia before the dental laser is used?

The Solea® laser provides an unparalleled approach to oral surgery with its groundbreaking use of CO2 energy. Not only does it make short work of hard and soft tissue, but the experience for your patient is much more comfortable than traditional methods, requiring little or no anesthesia!


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