NiTime™ Aligners Your Shortcut to a Perfect Smile

Unveil Your Dream Smile Overnight: Elevate Your Confidence with LDNYC NiTime Aligners – FDA-approved, expert-guided luxury aligners, for a radiant smile that transforms as you sleep! Save $2000 for a limited time.

Your Journey to a Radiant Smile

At LDNYC, we believe your beautiful smile should always be a breeze to achieve. Discover discreet orthodontic treatment that doesn’t disrupt your life with LDNYC NiTimer Aligners by OrthoFX.

We’ve redefined the path to a more confident, beautiful you, all while you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. And here’s the best part – it’s FDA Approved for your peace of mind!

Elevate Your Smile With
LDNYC NiTime Aligners

Custom Transformation: NiTime aligners uniquely shape your smile over 4-9 months. Expert Care: Dr. Steven Davidowitz guides your journey from start to finish.

Why Choose LDNYC for NiTime Aligners?

Customized Transformation: NightClear aligners are uniquely designed for your smile’s journey, with an average plan of 4-9 months.

Guided by Experts: Trust your smile to Dr. Steven Davidowitz, ensuring top-notch care from start to finish.

How NiTime Clear Aligners Work

Custom 3D Digital Impressions
Conducted in office with the
guidance of Dr. Steven

Custom Aligners
Receive tailor-made night-time
aligners, designed using advanced
3D imaging technology.
Nightly Progress
Begin nightly aligner use and
see your smile transform

Important Fact: NiTime™ Aligners - The
ONLY FDA Approved Night Time Aligners

Choose safety and efficacy; choose the only FDA-approved night time aligners with NiTime™.
Ready to Transform Your Smile?
*Don’t delay your dream smile. Book your appointment now and let LDNYC transform your smile overnight

Why NiTime™ Aligners?

While others may require 22 hours of daily wear, NiTime™ Aligners excel with just 9-12 hours, giving you the same incredible results. Experience up to 30% more movement efficiency compared to industry standards.

Patient-Preferred Nighttime Wear

Did you know 72% of patients prefer nighttime wear devices? NiTime™ Aligners make it easy to say goodbye to daytime disruptions and hello to a worry-free smile journey.

Convenience, Comfort, Compliance

NiTime™ Aligners not only improve treatment predictability but also enhance patient compliance. With fewer hours of wear time while you sleep, you’ll stay on track for that perfect smile without the need for refinements.

Join the revolution in orthodontics with NiTime™ Aligners and embrace a straighter, more carefree smile. Your dream smile is just a night's sleep away!