Patient 1

This 31 year old presented for a cosmetic consult wanting a more mature, wider and vibrant smile. Dr. Steven Davidowitz created the smile she was searching for with the use of 10 ceramic veneers.

Patient 2

47 year-old female presented with severe tetracycline-stained teeth. She developed this condition as a child. Many years ago she had composite material bonded over her teeth to mask the dark stains; most of which had already worn off. We can clearly see the dramatic effect Porcelain Laminate Veneers can have on a smile. Total treatment time for this “miracle” smile-makeover was 2 weeks!!


Patient 3

50 year old patient of ours wanted a more youthful, brighter and restored smile. Dr. Steven Davidowitz used 8 beautifully designed ceramic veneers to transform and rejuvenate her smile.

Patient 4

39 year old male patient wanted to treat himself to a new smile for his birthday. Suffering from clenching and grinding his teeth have become mishaped and worn down. He desired a fuller and brighter smile to match his winning personality. Dr. Steven Davidowitz used 10 strong ceramic veneers to rebuild his smile and give him the smile he was dreaming for.


Patient 5

Patient was unhappy about the look of her smile and was very self conscious when entering rooms and meetings. With just 6 beautifully crafted and prepared veneers, Dr. Steven Davidowitz was able to transform her embarrassed smile into a more confident and harmonious smile.

Patient 6

Dr. Steven Davidowitz created the smile of his amazing patients dreams with 10 upper and 10 lower minimal prepared gorgeous porcelain veneers.


Patient 7

This 18 year old was unhappy with her two front central incisors. She felt that they were too large for her smile. Dr. Steven Davidowitz pointed out that their size was actually perfect but rather the two side lateral incisors were just a little too small. Dr. D placed just two veneers, one on each of the lateral incisors and performed mild reshaping of the enamel of the central incisors and like magic our patient was in love with her new smile!

Patient 8

After having to have her central incisor extracted this 32 year old young woman was rightfully devastated! When her oral surgeon was unable to place a dental implant things went from bad to worse. Dr. Steven Davidowitz saved the day with the use of Invisalign to straighten out the smile (while using the clear aligners with a tooth colored fake tooth to fill the gap while straightening) and then completed the case with one veneer and a three unit ceramic bridge. Now that is something to smile about.


Patient 9

52 year old man wanted to close the space between his two front teeth. He had braces as a young adult to close the gap, but it reappeared about 10 years ago. He also complained of worn and short teeth. Treatment included veneers on both his upper and lower teeth. We were able to close the gap and to give him a more youthful look by lengthening his teeth.

Patient 10

35 year-old female desired to close spaces in her smile. She refused to have orthodontic treatment because of the length of time needed for braces to close her gaps. 8 porcelain veneers were bonded to her teeth. This “instant orthodontic” treatment took 10 days to complete!


Patient 11

It took Dr. Steven Davidowitz just Four beautifully crafted and perfectly bonded porcelain veneers to transform a smile at Luxury Dentistry NYC

Patient 12

Patient was looking for a solution to even out the length and shape of her upper smile and to have a more mature look for her planned upcoming interviews. Dr. Steven Davidowitz used his smile design technique and together with the patients input on design delivered 10 porcelain veneers giving her the smile she wanted for a more defined and mature beautiful smile.


Patient 13

Patient was looking for a solution to whiten and even out the length of her upper smile and to get rid of the gummy gap between her front two teeth. Our patient was extremely happy with the outcome. dr. Steven Davidowitz used his smile design technique and delivered 8 porcelain veneers giving her the smile she always wanted.

Patient 14

28 year-old female “tried not to smile” because she felt her teeth were “too yellow and crooked” Drs. Davidowitz performed a smile-makeover utilising both a soft tissue Diode laser to reshape her gums and porcelain veneers. Our patient reports that she is amazed as to how happy life has become with her new “Hollywood” smile.


Patient 15

37 year-old female refused orthodontic treatment due to the length of time necessary to straighten her teeth. With the placement of porcelain laminate veneers, we were able to give her the beautiful, straight smile she always wanted. Total treatment time 3 weeks!!

Patient 16

58 year-old female complained of small teeth and a gummy smile. She wanted to treat herself to a smile makover. Using our Waterlase laser, Drs. Davidowitz performed a “gum lift” procedure followed by the placement of porcelain veneers. Our patient has not stopped smiling since…


Patient 17

23 year-old female complained of an uneven look to her teeth. After an aesthetic evaluation by Dr. Steven, it was decided to treat only the two lateral incisors. 2 LUMINEERS were placed on the 2 short Laterals. This very conservative approach gave our patient a beautiful new smile that looks as if all her teeth were treated.

Patient 18

53 year-old female complaining of a “gummy smile”. We performed a “gum-lift” procedure, using our Waterlase laser. After waiting a short period for gum stabilization and healing, 20 upper and 10 lower porcelain veneers were placed. Our patient left with a beautiful, full, natural smile. Total treatment time 9 weeks.


Patient 19

47 year old male wanted a whiter brighter and more youthful smile. Dr. D transformed this smile with 10 upper Porcelain Veneers and lower Zoom! in office teeth whitening.

Patient 20

Patient was unhappy with the shape, size, position and color of her smile. Dr. D designed and placed 10 upper ceramic veneers. The patient was so excited with the results she decided to return to complete the full smile and have 10 lower veneers placed. She is scheduled to return next month.


Patient 21

Patient presented for a full smile makeover to correct broken down teeth, missing teeth and overall cosmetics of smile. Dr. D designed and placed a combination of 28 veneers, crowns and implant restorations and dramatically changed this patient’s life!

Patient 22

Patient wanted a whiter brighter smile and to even out her smile line. Dr. D designed and placed 10 ceramic veneers on her upper smile teeth to complete this smile makeover.

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Patient 23


Patient 23

Patient 24

34 Year old patient frustrated after years of failed orthodontics came to Dr. D for a solution. Zoom! whitening and just 4 upper smile veneers completely transformed this patients smile.
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