Patient 1

Patient wanted a straighter whiter smile. Following Invisalign clear aligner treatment the patient had a 45 minute session of Zoom! in office whitening. Dr. Steven then used cosmetic bonding to match the newly whitened smile to correct a front tooth that was chipped and broken.

Patient 2

29 year old female wanting to put pizzaz back into her smile. This is the result after a 1 hour whitening treatment in our office using the Zoom Whitening Advanced Power system. The patient was given a desensitizing toothpaste to use for 2 weeks after treatment and had no post-op complaints. She loved her new bright smile!


Patient 3

This 32 year old female had just broken up with her boyfriend and wanted to give herself a more “alive” look and feeling. We chose to start with a whitening procedure. Shade tab was used to demonstrate the fabulous change in the brightness of her teeth, after having a 1 hour power whitening procedure in our office using Zoom. She was so happy after the treatment, she has now decided to straighten her teeth using Invisalign and is undergoing that treatment with us in our office.

Patient 4

This 39 year old female wanted to gently whiten and brighten her smile. An Itero 3D digital scan was taken of her teeth and custom trays were fabricated to comfortably fit the patient. The patient was given a Zoom! at home 3 day treatment kit and returned to the office beaming for her after photo.


Patient 5

This 45 year old male wanted a dramatic change to his yellow stained looking smile. This is the result of 45 minutes of our in office Zoom! Whitespeed teeth whitening system.

Patient 6

This 35 year old male wanted to turn back time and aging with an in office whitening procedure. This is the results of 60 minutes using our in office Zoom! Whitespeed teeth whitening system.


Patient 7

30 year old wanted a brighter smile but was nervous about sensitivity of teeth. Patient completed one hour of the revolutionary Zoom! Whitespeed in office whitening under Dr. Steven Davidowitz watchful eyes and she was amazed with both her whitening results and the total lack of sensitivity!

Patient 8


Patient 9

Patient 10

47 year old male wanted a whiter brighter and more youthful smile. Dr. D transformed this smile with 10 upper Porcelain Veneers and lower Zoom! in office teeth whitening.


Patient 11

30 year old male completed in office Zoom! Teeth Whitening and was so happy with Dr. D’s whitening results!

Patient 12

21-2.jpg21-2.jpg (1)
21-2.jpgafter zoom (2)

Patient 13

54 year old patient who wanted a cleaner healthier looking natural smile. Dr. D performed Zoom! Whitespeed in office for these incredible teeth whitening results

Patient 14

44 year old was gifted with a Dr. D Zoom! Whitespeed treatment at Luxury Dentistry NYC by his significant other and he was smiling ear to ear once he saw the results.

Patient 15

32 year old patient wanted to freshen up the look of her smile and was thrilled with Dr. D’s whitening results.

Patient 16

before1 (1)after1 (1)

Patient 17

42 year old patient has been feeling really self conscious about his smile and oral health.  After a thorough cleaning and gum treatment Dr. D completed a one hour Zoom! teeth whitening treatment and the results speak for themselves.

Patient 18

32 Year old patient wanted to treat herself to a refreshed and brighter smile just 9 weeks after pregnancy. After a relaxing Zoom! treatment (where she was able to catch a nap while pampering herself) Dr. D got her smile 11 shades lighter!


before2 (1)after2 (1)