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Patient 1

This 28 year old patient wanted to correct her chipped front tooth along with straightening her smile and expressed how she always wanted brighter whiter teeth. In just over 4 months she was completed with her Accelerated Invisalign treatment, her cosmetic bonding and enamel reshaping for her chipped front tooth and Zoom! whitespeed in office whitening and she could not be happier with her new straight bright smile!

Patient 2

Patient fractured his right central incisor and needed it corrected the same day. Patient was seen immediately for an emergency visit to correct the broken tooth with cosmetic bonding and was ecstatic with the care he received from Dr. Steven and the entire team at Luxury Dentistry NYC.


Patient 3

Patient broke his front left central incisor when someone hit his arm while he was drinking from a glass. Dr. Steven Davidowitz used his amazing cosmetic bonding techniques and the patient left the office as if the incident with the glass never happened.

Patient 4

Patient was always unhappy with the space and strange shape of her left lateral upper incisor. Dr. Steven Davidowitz used the advanced Bioclear Cosmetic Bonding technique to give proper anatomy and seamlessly close up the gap between her teeth.


Patient 5

Patient presented with a chipped front right tooth from “a late night out on the town” and with the use of Dr. Steven Davidowitz artistic cosmetic bonding techniques was able to go to work the next day with her smile as beautiful as ever.

Patient 6

Patient was unhappy with her lower front teeth chips and unevenness. Dr. Steven Davidowitz used his cosmetic bonding techniques and masterfully reshaped her enamel.


Patient 7

17 year-old male patient complaining of his malformed upper teeth. His orthodontic treatment could not correct for his “peg laterals”, a common anomaly of shape for those teeth. Using a direct bonding procedure with composite material, Dr. Davidowitz was able to reshape his teeth giving him a more natural even smile. All treatment was performed in ONE visit!

Patient 8

Common complaint is a space by the gum line termed “a black triangle”. In this case Dr. D used a non invasive cosmetic bonding procedure to miraculously and artistically remove the black triangle and build in the sides of the upper front two teeth.

14-3.jpg14-3.jpg (1)

Patient 9

Patient broke her upper central incisor while eating an oyster. She was so pleased with Dr. D’s bonding results that she now wants to make an appointment to fix her lower incisor chips as well.

Patient 10

27 year old male presented with bonding on a front central incisor tooth done by another dentist. He wanted to know if there is anyway to redo the bonding to look more natural as he was never happy with the restoration. Dr. D went straight to work and replaced the bonding with cosmetically pleasing results.
14-3.jpg (2)14-3.jpg (3)

Patient 11

26 year old male was not confident with his smile. Dr. D preformed non invasive ceramic composite bonding on his top front two teeth and the confidence of his smile was restored.