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Invisalign NYC – Elite Provider

Invisalign has become hugely popular as a clear alternative to traditional metal braces. Luxury Dentistry NYC is one of the few “elite preferred providers” of Invisalign in NYC. Drs. D draw on their vast experience in cosmetic dentistry to obtain great looking results.

Quick Results

Using the state of the art Itero digital impression technology, we reduce the discomfort associated with traditional impressions and reduce the treatment planning time considerably. Our office offers additional advanced technologies that allow patients to achieve the same great results with full Invisalign treatment in up to 50% less time with the use of Dr. Davidowitz’ Propel or Acceledent regimen. Patients change their aligners every week, rather than every two weeks.

Using SoftPulse Technology, Acceledent emits gentle micropulses through a small hand-held device. These pulses apply a light force through the root of the teeth and into the bone socket. This gentle pulse quickens bone movement and speeds up teeth shifting.

Similary, Propel stimulates bone movement through micro-osteoperforation. Virtually pain-free treatment can be applied to both Invisalign and traditional metal braces. With Propel, patients can complete their Invisalign treatment in half the time.

Invisalign Before Photo Invisalign After Photo Better Technology

The Invisalign process begins when you come to Luxury Dentistry NYC for an Invisalign Consult. Dr. Davidowitz will evaluate your current teeth alignment, listen to your concerns and desires for straighter teeth and deliver treatment options for your case. If Invisalign is right for you, Dr. Davidowitz will take your Itero Digital impressions, Photos of your teeth and your smile are then taken, as well as digital dental Xrays when needed.

Most dentists still use the old system of goo-filled trays to take impressions. At Luxury Dentistry NYC we use the latest advancement, the Itero Digital Impression System.

The doctors move a small wand around your teeth and produce a highly accurate 3D digital image. This is then sent through the cloud to Invisalign, along with a detailed prescription written up by Dr. Davidowitz. Utilizing this optical scanning technology, allows us to receive your personalized aligners in half the usual time. In addition, the Itero system allows for more accurate, better fitting aligners and, therefore, better results.

learm more about invisalign video Why have your Invisalign treatment at Luxury Dentistry NYC?

The success of your treatment is dependent on the experience and abilities of the dental team. Drs. Steven and Gary employ their skills and special techniques to deliver superb treatment plans that yield remarkable results that meet every patients individual smile needs and desires. Invisalign awarded Drs. D. “elite” status due to their vast experience and success with the Invisalign treatment. This level of expertise is a designation given to only the top 3% of Invisalign providers in the United States. In addition, their use of the latest technological advancements, such as digital impressions and accelerated service allow for shorter treatment time, more accurate results and a much more pleasant overall patient experience.

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The Invisalign Process

A series of clear plastic aligners will be especially created for you - a full Invisalign treatment can range between 15 to 30 aligners. Typically, each aligner is worn about two weeks before moving on to the next one, and an Invisalign treatment plan takes about 1 to 2 years on average to complete. Patients who use our new accelerated service can cut up to half of the time and get the same results!

Using a series of clear removable aligners, Invisalign straightens your teeth right before your eyes. Change them every two weeks, and your teeth will move - little by little, week by week - until they have moved to the final position that Drs. D have prescribed. Comfortable to wear, our aligners are also removable so you can eat, drink, brush, and floss as usual.

Patients will come in to the office a few times during the course of treatment for check-ins with our team to ensure that the tooth realignment plan is progressing well. When the full treatment is over, patients will receive a final retainer to ensure that their teeth remain in their proper position.

Is Invisalign for me?

Invisalign can be used to treat the vast majority of common problems for adults and teens. Whether your smile needs minor improvements or more extensive adjustments, Invisalign can certainly help. It's successful in treating overly crowded or widely spaced teeth. It can also relieve more complex issues, including overbites, underbites and even crossbites. In fact, Drs. D use Invisalign’s clear aligners as part of many treatment plans.

If you would like to know more about straightening your smile with Invisalign, please give us a call to book a consultation. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help get you on your way to a straight and gorgeous smile.

Although we are not an “in network” insurance office, we will work with you to maximize your dental insurance benefits and limit your out of pocket expense.

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