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Here at Luxury Dentistry NYC strive to provide all our patients with exceptional care. At the same time we will work with you on all related financial matters. For all covered procedures, we work with our patients and their insurance companies to ensure that they take advantage of their full insurance benefits.

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"My smile is very important to me. I never really had huge issues with my teeth but I did have some spacing that I was not happy with. Deciding to get invisalign was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The hard part was finding a facility that would tend to my needs and make me feel at home. I researched for quite some time before actually picking a place, but I finally ended up choosing Luxury Dentistry.”

- Darween F.

We have experience working with patients who are members of different insurance plans by the major HMOs in the U.S.. Medical plans, and dental plans in particular, tend to vary in terms of coverage – what type of services are included as well as maximum coverage amounts and possible co-payments. We will be happy to help you get the maximum out of your insurance policy, but we also strongly encourage you to become familiar with your policy's coverage, deductibles, and applicable copayments before committing to a certain dental treatment. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask our experienced staff.

On your first visit to our office, please bring all your up-to-date insurance information. This will help us begin the reimbursement and payment process in a timely manner. Every patient is responsible for payment of fees (including co-payments) not covered by insurance at the time of treatment.

On your behalf, Luxury Dentistry NYC will file a claim with your insurance company within twenty four hours of your visit. If no response is returned within sixty days, we will re-file with your insurance. Both claims follow the American Dental Association guidelines, and we will do our utmost to help you avoid any hassle of filing claims with your insurance company.

The main dental plans used by our patients are:

Delta Dental - The company offers Individual and Family plans for patients in the New York area. These plans have set co-payments, no deductibles, and no maximums for covered procedures. Delta Dental covers preventative check-ups, restorative treatments, and a variety of other specialized treatments such as orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and periodontics.

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield - the company currently offers four tiers of plans, and coverage depends upon your specific plan. The Value Dental Plan covers basics such as cleanings, exams, x-rays, and fillings. The Classic Dental Plan covers basics as well as most other services including orthodontics and periodontal surgery with lifetime and annual maximums (respectively). The Enhanced Dental Plan offers the above with higher maximums.

Careington is not an insurance plan, but a system that offers discounts on dental services. Discounts of between twenty and sixty percent are offered on most dental procedures. These include routine oral exams, cleanings, orthodontics, and cosmetic procedures such as veneers. Discounts are reflected immediately and no claim needs to be filed; however, patients must pay the remainder on the day of treatment.

Cigna will cover all basic services and most basic and major restorative procedures. This includes annual cleanings, oral surgery, periodontics, and root canals. However, Cigna does not cover procedures of a purely cosmetic nature, such as veneers.

These benefits are not exhaustive; please visit your insurance companies' websites to see specifics of your plan and call our office prior to your visit to learn more about the treatments that you are likely to have and whether they will be covered by insurance.

Written by Dr. Steven Davidowitz. Updated on 1/8/2020.



The massage during treatment was a great distraction. Everyone was wonderful and gave detailed answers for my concerns

- Rachel B

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