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A “gummy smile” is one in which there is a disproportionate gum-to-tooth ratio that exposes too much gum tissue while smiling. This is often a cosmetic condition that can cause its sufferers acute self-consciousness, leading to a lack of self-confidence and decreased self-image. After all, a white, even smile is one of the primary features of an attractive face. For patients who suffer from a gummy smile, there are cosmetic procedures available to help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile.

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"My smile is very important to me. I never really had huge issues with my teeth but I did have some spacing that I was not happy with. Deciding to get invisalign was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The hard part was finding a facility that would tend to my needs and make me feel at home. I researched for quite some time before actually picking a place, but I finally ended up choosing Luxury Dentistry.”

- Darween F.

A gingivectomy, or a gum lift procedure, is a cosmetic dentistry procedure performed by a certified dentist to reshape the gums for a more aesthetically pleasing smile. As it is a purely cosmetic procedure, it is often done only on the gums around the front teeth, which is the most visible area while smiling. It can be likened to a cosmetic surgical face lift to fix wrinkles or saggy skin. Many patients choose to undergo a gum lift along with other cosmetic dentistry; for example, an even gum line is more attractive when applying veneers.

Previous gum lift techniques were often painful and required manual cutting of the gums, stitches during recovery, and weeks of downtime. Now, using advances in Laser Dentistry, lasers are utilized to make gum lifts much less painful, more accurate, and with minimal recovery. During a typical laser dentistry gum lift, a local anesthetic is applied to the treatment area. General anesthesia is not usually needed. Then the lasers are used by the dentist to cut the gum line to reshape it to have the desired effect. The lasers automatically seal off blood vessels, so there is usually very little to no bleeding. Over the counter pain medications may be taken for patient comfort if desired, and patients can normally eat and drink as usual within a day following the procedure. Post-procedure instructions by the dentist will need to be followed closely to minimize the risk of infection, and there may be maintenance procedures to keep the achieved results.

The single most important factor that will determine how a gum lift will turn out is having an experienced, qualified dentist. An experienced dentist will know to remove enough gum to achieve the perfect smile desired by patients, without removing too much and exposing tooth roots and causing other dental problems. Drs. Davidowitz both have extensive experience with utilizing laser dentistry in gum lifts, and will be happy to consult with you to determine how to help you attain the smile you desire. Contact our fully accredited office conveniently located in NYC, New York, and schedule a consultation. Don’t let this easily fixable condition hamper your potential for a perfect smile!

Written by Dr. Steven Davidowitz. Updated on 1/8/2020.



The massage during treatment was a great distraction. Everyone was wonderful and gave detailed answers for my concerns

- Rachel B

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