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Signature Face - Facial Remodeling

Achieve the look of your dreams with our all-new Signature Face offering at Luxury Dentistry in New York City. The balance of all the lower facial features enhance the smile and bring harmony and youthfulness to the face as a whole - and our Evoke facial remodeling treatment offering is at the heart of this.

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Along with cosmetic or preventative dental services and injectable facial enhancers, patients now have access to a full suite of enhancement treatments from Dr. Steven Davidowitz, the leading cosmetic dentist in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and Dr. Amanda Young, an expert in facial aesthetics with the use of non-invasive cosmetic enhancers.

What Is Facial Remodeling?

Facial remodeling is the term used across a number of treatments that sculpt and define parts of the face. Here at our NYC office, we use a state-of-the-art device called Evoke, which uses painless, non-invasive bi-polar radiofrequency energy. This energy penetrates deep into the skin and tissue to reduce laxity in the skin and increase collagen and elastin production. The skin on the cheeks, jowls, and chin can be tightened with this treatment, providing a contoured and younger look.

Evoke is FDA approved and highly effective, with treatments lasting 15-45 minutes - perfect for lunchtime or for those with busy schedules. Best of all, Evoke treatments have no downtime, so patients can immediately return to normal activities following their appointment.

The Benefits Of Evoke and Signature Face Treatments

At your Signature Face consultation, your smile, skin, and factual structure are thoroughly analysed to determine which treatments will help you achieve your cosmetic goals and bring youthfulness and harmony to your face. With Evoke and our Signature Face treatments, you’ll benefit from a number of advantages:

Who Are Evoke Treatments For?

Due to the non-invasive, safe nature of Evoke treatments, practically anyone who wishes for a youthful appearance with defined facial characteristics is suitable for treatment. Evoke can treat both older patients needing tissue tightening, as well as younger people who are looking for preventative and maintenance treatment. Depending on the current condition of your skin and tissue, as well as your goals and expectations, you may need to undergo a number of treatments to see the results you desire.

Why Choose Luxury Dentistry For Evoke Treatments In NY?

At Luxury Dentistry, we are passionate about providing high standards of patient care and excellent experiences for all. Both Dr. Davidowitz and Dr. Young are experts in their fields and strive to create beautiful, natural results. If you’re looking to enhance your face, define your features, and bring youth to your skin, contact us today for a consultation.

At Luxury Dentistry NYC, we also offer a range of dental treatments that include teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, Invisalign, veneers, and restorative dentistry by Dr. Steven Davidowitz and his qualified team.

Written by Dr. Steven Davidowitz. Updated on 11/05/2020.



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