Introducing Luxury Dentistry NYC, Dr. D. Signature Face

Enhancing the full face that frames your Smile!

When we see patients in our office, we don’t just look at their smile, we take the whole face into account when determining which treatments or procedures will help achieve their goals. A great looking smile by itself is like a canvas without a frame, or a cake without frosting.

The balance and youthful appearance of the full facial contouring features can enhance the smile and bring harmony to the face and smile as a whole.

Our combined approach to enhancing not just the smile, but the whole face allows us to offer more treatments in our office – meaning patients benefit from combined treatment time and downtime, as well as no longer having to travel between different appointments at different offices for your dental and facial cosmetic services. You’ll be leaving our office feeling and looking like a whole new, younger person.

Choose Luxury Dentistry NYC For Your Signature Face needs

What’s involved in Signature Face?

Along with Dr. D’s cosmetic and preventive services, patients now have access to a full range of cosmetic facial tightening, Non Invasive Face Lifting and skin lifting enhancers at Luxury Dentistry NYC

Injectable full face smile enhancers

Anti-wrinkle, face lifting injections such as Botox and XEOMIN relax the muscles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, to turn back the clock on aged skin.

Facial & Lip Filler treatments are used to create volume under the eyes, in the lips, as well as correct areas such as the nasolabial folds (known as the ‘smile lines’ or laugh lines’) that can deepen as we age.

With an additional range of treatments such as Botox, fillers and skin lifting and facial rejuvenation, you can elevate your smile with our cosmetic dentistry offerings, as well as the frame in which it sits – your cheeks, lips, chin, neck, eyes, forehead and skin.

All of us at Luxury Dentistry NYC are passionate about providing excellent experiences and high standards of patient care. We look forward to welcoming you back and helping on your journey to a smile and face that you feel radiant and healthy with.

If you wish to learn more about Signature Face facial lifting services at LDNYC, or are considering a Signature Face treatment, contact us today.

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Introducing Luxury Dentistry NYC, Dr. D. Signature Face with EVOKE

Facial Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation

Dr D is the first NYC Dentist to have EVOKE as part of his practice.

“Your teeth are keys to your success, whether you are interviewing for a job on zoom, dating or building self confidence. Having that signature smile will have you on the top of the list and will literally change your life.” says Dr D.

In the case that you don’t have that signature smile, Dr. Steven Davidowitz , CEO of Luxury Dentistry NYC and known as Dr. D, has you covered. He is one of the Upper East Side’s most prominent cosmetic dentists that specializes in designing and maintaining beautiful smiles and is a well known dental expert throughout the country. He practices general and cosmetic dentistry with a true love for providing that smile makeover through clear aligner and porcelain veneer treatment.

What is Evoke?

Evoke is the First and only FDA cleared non-invasive Facial Remodeling and skin tightening treatment that is painless and offers skin tightening and face lifting to deliver more defined facial characteristics with no downtime. The areas that can be treated are the perfect way to create and maintain a youthful face to frame your smile.

Evoke consists of two separate treatments

One for the Face and the other for the Chin

Face: Cheeks and Jowls for skin tightening and Face lifting and rejuvenation

Chin: Chin and Submental areas (“double chin reduction”) and sculpting

Each session ranges anywhere from 15-45 minutes with a hands free application that will allow you to relax and watch Netflix or enjoy some music and relaxation. Evoke is a very comfortable treatment that should feel like a warm stone massage.

The results are outstanding and consistent due to Artificial Intelligence that will regulate temperature and sense impedance every millisecond to maintain proper energy for the desired result. No other non-invasive skin tightening, face lifting treatment can compete or compare to the comfort, efficacy, and results of Evoke.

Ideal Candidates for Evoke:

  • Patients who would like some skin tightening and more defined facial characteristics
  • Patients that desire facial lifting and remodeling but do not want or can not have downtime associated with more invasive treatments
  • Younger patients who desire soft tissue face tightening and maintenance as they age

Call or text us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment 212.759.7535

Dr. D Attended the CoverGirl x WOW Event

In a day and age where the gender gap is already a major conversation topic, it’s important to be a conscious business owner that supports the right causes. The Women of Wall Street organization is a great example. This group of influential female leaders seeks to create a safe space where women in respectable positions can feel appreciated and share their individual stories.

Recently, Women of Wall Street and CoverGirl collaborated on one of the most anticipated events for female members of the corporate world. Dr. Davidowitz has been championing women and equality for years and he attended the “Fearless Event” to show support for the work Women of Wall Street have been carrying out.

Here’s what you need to know about Dr. D’s participation in the Fearless Event.

What is Women of Wall Street?

In simple terms, Women of Wall Street is a global society that focuses on uniting women with different backgrounds and professional levels. From writers to CEOs, investors, and attorneys, this group has created a tightly-knit family that shares, embraces, and celebrates each other’s achievements as their own.

Although a strong bond and a supportive attitude are essential, Women of Wall Street has aimed to maintain a relaxed atmosphere where participants feel like they are on a girl’s night out.

CoverGirl x Women of Wall Street: Fearless Event

The Fearless Event, sponsored by CoverGirl and Luxury Dentistry NYC, was created to encourage the development of professional relationships between women. As a growing brand, Women of Wall Street have started providing their followers with benefits and resources designed for successful women.

Furthermore, the organizers also announced new partnerships in 2020 and other exciting updates that will result in a better experience for members who decide to join the subscription platform.

About Dr. Davidowitz

Dr. Davidowitz is the head practitioner at Luxury Dentistry NYC. Over the last few years, Dr. D has earned a reputation as one of the leading cosmetic dental experts in New York. Furthermore, he is aware of the social responsibility that comes with running a successful practice, so he aims to support organizations like Women of Wall Street and other entities that are working on making the world a better place.

Learn More About Dr. Davidowitz’s Practice

Luxury Dentistry NYC is among the premier cosmetic dentistry providers in New York. Dr. Davidowitz practices general and cosmetic dentistry with a true love for smile makeovers through Invisalign clear aligner treatment and porcelain veneer treatment. Along with the help of his experienced team, Dr. D aims to create the best experience while helping patients achieve their optimal aesthetic goals.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Davidowitz, contact Luxury Dentistry and book a consultation today.

We Helped Support BCRF

We’re putting on pink to raise awareness! October is breast cancer awareness month and our practice is excited to join the efforts to help and provide hope for those affected by breast cancer. — It was an honor to be invited by the Women Of Wallstreet to partake in an event that they were a part of along with Revival Swim and Naked Cashmere called “make a difference.” The event took place October 23rd and Luxury Dentistry NYC was happy to offer a complimentary in office Zoom! Whitespeed teeth whitening treatment as part of the events silent auction to raise money for the breast cancer organization @bcrfcure BCRF!

Alternative Ways To Get Calcium In Your Diet

CALCIUM AND MILK go together like toothpaste and fluoride. Without the one, it may be difficult to find the latter. And, like fluoride, calcium is essential to our oral health.

How Calcium Benefits Your Oral Health

We all know that calcium is the main component of our jaw bone and teeth, but our mouths are also made up of gums, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Calcium is important for these things as well because it helps them function as they should.

How Much Calcium Do We Need?

The range of calcium intake recommended for the average person on a daily basis is between 1000-1300mg from ages four to 70+ yrs. Children younger than four need about 700mg or less. The numbers are varied based on age and gender.

Getting less than 500mg of calcium a day puts you at greater risk of developing gum disease, and the scary thing is that most people don’t meet their daily recommendation. Take a look at the foods you’re eating and make sure you’re including at least 800mg of daily calcium to keep your teeth and oral health in great shape!

Non-dairy Calcium Sources

Most people can get their daily calcium from milk and other dairy products, but some don’t have that option. Luckily, there are many alternative sources of this crucial mineral, and we’ve made a list of them to help out our dairy-averse patients.

  • Canned fish with the bones in. The bones of small, canned fish are an excellent source of calcium, and they’re soft enough to eat! It’s up to you whether you eat them straight from the can or mix them into a larger meal.
  • Dark leafy greens. Starting at 180mg and reaching about 350mg, kale, spinach and collard greens are the three leafy greens with the highest calcium content.
  • Beans and black-eyed peas. Legumes such as beans and black-eyed peas contain an impressive amount of calcium, with 350mg to 515mg in just one cup!
  • Fortified drinks. Fortified orange juice contains around 1500mg and soy milk has 340mg per cup.
  • Tofu. Most tofu has added calcium, giving it about 860mg per half cup, but you’ll still get between 100-200mg per serving with no calcium added!
  • Broccoli and broccoli rabe. Broccoli rabe (rob) has about 80mg of calcium per 2/3-cup serving and broccoli has about 100mg per 2cup serving.
  • Edamame. With 98mg in just one cup of cooked edamame, it’s a good source of calcium as well as protein!
  • Almonds. Out of all the nuts, almonds contain the highest level of calcium, with 8% of the recommended daily intake in a single ounce.
  • Dried Figs. Figs have a sweet, dessert-like flavor, so eating the half cup it takes to get the calcium from them will feel like indulging in a treat!

We Can Help

If you think you may be prone to gum disease or have further questions about how you can improve your daily calcium intake, we’d love to talk to you about it, so schedule a visit with us today!

We love helping our patients keep their teeth healthy and strong

Don’t Let Those Insurance Benefits Expire!

Boy does time fly… 2017 IS ALMOST OVER, and that means it’s time to talk about dental insurance. Unfortunately, dental benefits DO NOT roll over into the next year if they go unused. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of all your benefits, then now is the time to do so!

Is Your Coverage Compatible?

We have a designated team member to deal with your insurance company. Whenever possible, we will bill and collect payments directly from your insurance company to minimize your out-of-pocket expense. Although we are an out of network office, we are an insurance friendly office and accept most major PPO insurance plans. When scheduling appointments please be sure to have your dental insurance information ready. We will verify your benefits and eligibility to make sure you are covered, and to let you know if you have an out of pocket expense. We will do everything we can to maximize your insurance benefit and minimize your out-of-pocket expense. We apologize in advance, but we do not participate with any DMO or DHMO plans.

What To Do Before The Year Ends

Appointments are filling up quickly. Please call or text Yvette, our office manager at 212-759-7535 to book your appointment for your dental cleaning and checkup or for any dental procedure you’ve been pushing off be it white fillings, crowns, etc.

We Can’t Wait To See You!

We’re always looking out for our patients and want to make sure you’re taking the fullest advantage of your benefits! If you have any questions regarding dental insurance, stop by or call us today and we can help! The greatest benefits are to your dental health! The content on this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions.